Electrochemical Plant JSC

The Electrochemical Plant, Joint-Stock Company  is an uranium enrichment enterprise of the State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” which is one of the leaders in the world uranium enrichment service market.

Electrochemical Plant JSC enters into the TVEL Fuel Company. Electrochemical Plant JSC promoter is the Russian Federation represented by the Federal Agency for State Property Management.

In addition to low enriched uranium for nuclear power plants fuel assemblies,Electrochemical Plant, Joint-Stock Company produces stable and radioactive isotopes of different chemical elements and offers other high-technology products.

The history of the Electrochemical Plant JSC establishment has a stable link with the implementation of the Soviet Atomic Project which provided Russia with the status of Nuclear Power and a world leader in developing nuclear technologies and utilizing nuclear energy.

Electrochemical Plant JSC professionals, being the elite of the Russian industry, use a cutting edge uranium enrichment technology based on gas centrifuges.

Electrochemical Plant JSC current and future activities are governed by the Russian  nuclear industry challenges of increasing the share of nuclear generation in power industry of the country, strengthening and extending  the Russian Federation positions in the global nuclear technology markets.

Main lines of activity

Nuclear material processing, transportation and storage including production of low enriched uranium to be used in manufacture of nuclear power plant reactor fuel.
Electrochemical Plant JSC is a notable competitor in the world uranium market that has been performing successfully its export contracts since 1994. The ECP low enriched uranium product  is used in atomic power generation in Great Britain, Germany, USA, France, Sweden, RSA, South Korea and other countries.

Separation of stable and radioactive isotopes of various chemical elements.
Electrochemical Plant JSC applies the technologies allowing production of more than 100 stable and radioactive isotopes of 22 chemical elements and is one of the largest commercial isotope producers in the world. The isotopic products find a wide use in various industrial fields, medicine, science including global science experiments, such as neutrinoless double beta decay research, solar neutrino detection, Universe dark material study and others. 




Electrochemical Plant JSC is a city-establishing enterprise of Zelenogorsk being a closed administrative and territorial entity

Electrochemical Plant JSC is located in Zelenogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region (formerly known as Krasnoyarsk-45)  about 150 km to the east of Krasnoyarsk city. It accomplishes its honorable mission of a city-establishing enterprise and is a reliable guarantor of social stability in the life of the enterprise employees and veterans, and all inhabitants of Zelenogorsk as well.

The city of Zelenogorsk (formerly known as Krasnoyarsk-45) is a closed administrative and territorial entity. It was founded as a population aggregate in May 1956. Its population is about 70 thousand people.

Electrochemical Plant JSC is pursuing a policy of Zelenogorsk social and local community development programs implementation in the following directions:

  • medical care and preventive treatment,
  • children’s home and school patronage assistance,
  • Electrochemical Plant JSC pensioners and labour veterans social protection,
  • charitable activity.